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Toilet installation is absolutely important if you expect to have a highly-efficient plumbing system. Let’s face it: no home is complete without a toilet. There is simply no other way around it. It is arguably the single most essential plumbing fixture in your home. You use it several times a day and if it begins malfunctioning, you may find yourself dealing with reoccurring clogs and overflows. If your current toilet isn’t working anymore or proving far too costly on maintenance bills, you need to install a new one immediately. But instead of just making a mad dash to get the nearest toilet you can find, you should instead take it into careful consideration. You may think installation is just a matter of installing any toilet, but installing the wrong unit may bring you tons of trouble. Not only will you be wasting money on a toilet not right for your home, you will also experience poor efficiency, frequent calls for plumbing repairs, and all-round lower levels of convenience. If you think before you install, it can mean all the difference in how comfortably you live in your home.


If you need a helping hand in finding the right toilet, please call Stallion Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning today. We have a team of local plumbers who will be available to help you find the right toilet for your home. Before any plumbing installation work, we will sit down with you and assess how you can improve your system’s efficiency. We think it’s important you have a bit more knowledge about what you are installing so you avoid losing any money. You need to give yourself the time to determine how to meet your plumbing needs. With our help, you will be able to enjoy benefits that will allow you live so much easier. You will be able to save money on plumbing repairs, and function in your home with greater convenience. But best of all, you will have a working toilet that meets the needs of your entire family. Changing your home’s plumbing system for the better begins with one quick phone call our way.


With so many different toilets available for you to install, you may be confused as to what will be best for your home. To make things a little easier, here are 5 cool features you may want out of your new toilet:

  1. Dual Flush: Dual flush will provide you with two options— you can press partial flush for liquids or full flush for solids. It will give you greater control over how much water you use, so you can money on bills.
  2. One or Two Piece: You will also have the option of one or two piece. One piece units are more expensive but easier to clean. With two-piece toilets, the tank rests on the bowl portion and is tightened in place.
  3. Concealed and Skirted Trapways: These features give the toilet a sleek look and exterior that is easy to clean and doesn’t “trap” as much grime.
  4. Touchless Units: With automatic flush sensors, you will be able to flush without ever touching the toilet. There are also retro-fitting kits available for some models that you can just wave your hand over.
  5. Rebates and Warranties: Remember to ask your local plumbing company about any available warranties and rebates. When you already investing so much money, you deserve to know how to get some back into your pocket.


In addition to any features of the toilet, here are some general pints of consideration that will influence your purchase:

  1. Water Bills: How much can a toilet save you on water bills? When you consider a toilet already uses 25 to 30 gallons of water, you need to make sure you are upgrading to a new model that won’t waste even more than that amount. if you were to reduce down to a newer 1.28-gallon tank, your water consumption could drop to about 2,300 gallons
  2. Space: Even if you want that new, highly-efficient toilet, how much space will it take up in your bathroom? You need to consider how you can land a toilet that will provide you significant elbow room. Building codes require 15 inches from center to wall and at least two feet in front to have enough space for a new toilet.
  3. Seat Height: The average height of a standard toilet is about 14.5 inches. Regardless of what toilet you install, there needs to be a comfortable amount of distance and difference between these models when you bend your knees. And it’s not just you, but also for every member of your household.
  4. Performance and Efficiency: There are two types of toilet flushing for you to choose from: gravity and pressure flushing. Toilets with gravity-fed flushes can generate as little as 10 PSI but may not be able to flush waste effectively. Pressure units use 25 PSI and are noisy, but will prove much more effective in saving water in the long-term.


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