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Heating service is a must at this time of year. The outdoor temperatures are now dipping below freezing and there will be plenty of snowfall on its way. If your heating system is not ready for it, you need to take action and have any of your heating problems squared away before the first snowflake of the season touches the ground. However, during your urgent quest for reliable heating service, you may find yourself trapped in a scam.

While there are plenty of quality heating contractors available, there are a few unfortunate ones who are incredibly dishonest and will be more concerned with trying to make as much money off you as possible. This may mean you’ll be stuck with a lack of consistent heat during the winter due to lower quality service. If an under-qualified or unlicensed technician provides repair work, it may put your family’s safety at risk. Faulty repair or two will heighten your risk of experiencing a home heating fire and carbon monoxide. An improperly installed furnace will bring those same troubles and more. You may also have to pay more for emergency heating repair due to reoccurring system breakdowns. You may even need to seek furnace replacement, costing you thousands of dollars more in the process. If you want to avoid these hassles, you need to know how you can get honest, upfront heating service that will ensure you have heat in your home worth every dollar.


If you want to ensure your 100% comfort, please call Stallion Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning. Our heating service is honest and upfront to guarantee your satisfaction. Our work on installation, repair, replacement, maintenance, and more is always completed at the highest quality. We’ll make sure even the smallest problems with your heating system are fixed before they worsen and turn into a season-ruining inconvenience. With our help, you will avoid experiencing a winter full of heating problems, saving so much more on repair bills. You will also be guaranteed safer heating, thanks to repairs that will successfully keep you away from hazards like fires and exposure to harmful gasses. Best of all, you will be kept at a better peace of mind throughout the season, especially when you know you have a heating system keeping your family protected from this season’s coldest weather. When the winter weather gets rough, your comfort is our top priority.


In addition to getting a steady flow of heat in your home this winter, we also want to see you provided heating service that won’t leave you feeling like you’re not getting your money’s worth. If you encounter a heating contractor you don’t trust, please consider these helpful tips:

  1. Get a Second Opinion: So let’s say you have a contractor that’s giving you a price that seems a little on the high side. If you feel unsure, always get a second opinion from another contractor. Having the choice between two prices will give you a better understanding of the average price. If the original price is found to be too high, you should definitely seek heating service elsewhere.
  2. Ask for Replaced Parts: One of the more common tricks pulled by an untrustworthy contractor is saying that they replaced HVAC parts when they actually didn’t do a thing. Always ask to see replaced parts, even if the contractor is telling you the truth. You certainly don’t want to risk paying them for a service they didn’t perform.
  3. Be Cautious of Frequent Tune-Up Offers: You should be seeking a furnace tune-up once a year to ensure any lingering problems are fixed and you have heating in your home for the next 12 months. However, be cautious of contractors offering you deals like quarterly tune-ups. It may simply be a money grab and damage your heating system more than help it.
  4. Don’t Make Upfront Payments: You should not pay a contractor until after the project is completed. It is immediately concerning if a contractor is asking for money upfront before the work begins. They may just take your money and run without providing you with high-quality service. You should also not write checks out to the contractor themselves and instead write it out to the company itself.
  5. Make Sure to Get Estimates in Writing: Always have your estimates in writing before any work begins. A contractor may try to get away with throwing a curve ball when the time for payment arrives. Having estimates on a formal document will prevent this possibility from occurring and ensure you know what amount of money you will be paying for the service you need.


Contact Stallion Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning today if you want to avoid the scams and receive our dependable, high-quality heating service!

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