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Do you have a heating maintenance plan on your yearly schedule? If not, you could be missing small signs that your home or office is letting go of heat in discrete places. An annual appointment with a heating contractor to check your building is the best way to ensure that you don’t have problems brewing that could turn into an emergency later down the line. Not only are your home’s efficiency and appliances affected, your wallet will be grateful to keep more money in that is currently being wasted on lost heat. Appliances and structures may be working harder to keep up with the setting on the thermostat – and you may be frustrated with how cold it is regardless of the temperature you set!


Stallion Plumbing Heating & Air has a team of licensed professionals standing by to help you through any issue from maintenance to an emergency. As a same-day service provider, we can offer expert help with any issue, including plumbing, air conditioning, and heating. Home services are our specialty, and we stand behind our work. Take the stress off your shoulders and put your heating maintenance needs into the hands of caring professionals.


After years of quality service, the most common areas for heat loss are some of the most discrete. We have compiled a list of 4 areas to get consider when you’re evaluating if your home is in need of a heating maintenance appointment with a professional.

  1. Recessed Lighting

The recessed lighting in your home is a trend that began in 1956 when the recessed can light was first introduced. This stylish choice is a popular one, but the technology of your recessed lighting may need to be updated. These can lights have been proven to account for up to 13% of heat loss in the home! Not such a cool choice anymore, is it? Don’t sweat it, Joe Stallion’s heating maintenance team can provide you with options to keep your recessed lighting and also keep your heat. Weather stripping and insulation can solve the issue and seal any leaks or cracks that may exist between the can light and your ceiling. Even some modern light fixture choices are not properly equipped to handle how much heat a light bulb can produce, or make sure that it winds up in your home, and not the attic.

  1. Electrical Outlets

Sockets are a small but powerful source of heat loss – just think how many there are in your home! If they are not properly filled, these small holes can let your heat out in a big way. You can purchase inexpensive foam gaskets to insert into your unused sockets to make sure that your electrical outlets aren’t costing you in more than power usage. Making sure that the plates are screwed in tightly to the wall and lay flush is important, too. Even minor repairs can mean a world of difference.

  1. Basements

Your basement may be a scarier place than you thought. However, what’s hiding in the basement may actually be vents or fans that are allowing your home to be functioning inefficiently. Having a professional to check that vents and fans are working for you and not against you is an important step in a heating maintenance plan. A qualified technician can help you identify, reach, and repair any problem areas that are leaking heat. A heat gun can easily identify where your furnace’s hard work isn’t heading into your home. In a regular maintenance appointment, you can also have your ducting checked for secure fittings to your appliances.

  1. Fireplaces

When you think of fireplaces, you think warm and cozy, right? Turns out that your fireplace may be the source of measurable heat loss from your home. Your fireplace connects to a chimney, which takes smoke and air outside your home safely. The chimney is equipped with a damper – a door that blocks the chimney when it is not in use to keep cold air from entering your home. Without a damper, your home’s internal temperature would fluctuate wildly with the weather, turning your living room into a tundra in the winter. An improperly fitted damper can also make your appliances work harder to make up for hot air that is escaping. Having a technician out annually for a routine maintenance check will ensure that this won’t cause you any worry – or chills – this winter. Scheduling heating maintenance service will ensure that you’re able to relax by your fireplace instead of worry.

From the ground up, your home needs to be secure and efficient in handling your heat. Having a cozy home that doesn’t cost you a fortune is important – and possible – when you have a maintenance plan in place.

Call Joe Stallion today to get a heating maintenance appointment on your to-do list, and make your home’s efficiency a priority this year!

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