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AC Repair in Philadelphia

You might still be in hibernation mode but now’s the time to prepare once again for the heat that will soon beat down on Philly streets.

These DIY air conditioner checkup tips from Stallion can also ease your way through the rest of winter by conjuring up images of warmer weather and spring flowers and slow cruises down South Broad with the top down.

Here are some things to check on your AC to help determine whether it is good to go when it comes time to crank it up in a couple of months:

  1. House filter: Make sure your air filter is clean and replace it if dirty. Filters should be changed monthly. If changed when your unit is acting up save the old one to show your service expert to ensure whether or not this was the real problem
  2. Coils (Outdoor): If they are dirty, clean them with a hose and good spray nozzle. Make sure no vegetation is blocking the efficient flow of air into the unit (units should have at least 18-24 inches between each other and be 6-18 inches away from obstructions (depending upon the manufacturer)
  3. Piping: Check for pipes that have ice or frost forming at the connection of the outdoor or indoor unit (if ice or frost is found turn the unit off and call a professional).
  4. Temperature: Measure the difference between the air entering the unit and the air discharged into your house. An AC should be able to maintain a differential of at least 19 degrees. (results may vary if the home has not yet reached its set temperature) If not, call a service expert.
  5. Noises: if you can hear your unit or noises you should not be able to call a pro and have it evaluated
  6. Coolant line: Make sure its insulation is intact.
  7. Life Span: Keep in mind that properly installed, maintained and non-builders grade air conditioners are designed to last 10 years. When approaching or surpassing this time take into consideration more money will be spent on out of warranty repairs on your unit due to age/reliability. Don’t wait until the last minute for your unit to break during the hottest time of the year, causing a financial hardship for you and your family to face to replace your unit. Promotions, rebates, equipment selection and time availability are scarce during peak season and most contractors are overworked and stressed from the workload. Please be mindful of the age and lifespan of your unit and don’t hesitate to replace it before the season starts. and Remember if you wait until a later time bank financing may be limited and prices always increase. Typical savings of work during the offseason with all promotions and rebates applied could save you up to 40 percent over peak season.

Turn off the power to the unit before embarking on these DIY tips. They’ll save you money on power bills and increase the lifespan of your system.

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