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If your air conditioner conks out in Philly this summer, don’t run to the phone and call Stallion just yet. We’ll happily and quickly respond to any customer need, but there are some DIY steps you can take to try and fix the problem first. Here are some quick pointers:

  1. HVAC will not turn on? Check to see if there’s power to your thermostat. Try replacing batteries – call us if it still will not turn on.
  2. Does the fan constantly run? Check to see if the fan was accidentally turned “on” at the thermostat instead of being set to “auto.”
  3. Does it appear there’s no power to the unit? Check the power switches by the indoor unit, and also check the circuit breaker to see if it’s tripped. If tripped, switch it off and then back on, and wait 15 minutes to see if the unit starts. This is certainly not normal, but it can buy you some time until the unit can be properly serviced.
  4. If ice is forming around any piping, turn the unit off and allow it to thaw for at least eight hours. After the unit and piping thaws, contact a professional service technician.
  5. Always change your filter according to schedule but hold on to the old one for reference. If you must schedule a service technician, the old filter will help the tech identify or rule out specific issues.
  6. Check the door panels of your indoor unit to make sure they are secured properly. Also, if the unit is less than about 20 years old, there is usually a safety switch behind the door panel. If the doors are not secure, the switch will engage and cut power to the unit.
  7. Make sure the outdoor unit is uncovered, and regularly check for debris. To ensure smooth operation, there needs to be at least a 12-inch clearance all the way around the unit. If there are multiple units, they should be spaced at least 18 to 24 inches apart from each other.
  8. If you see debris or a build-up inside the unit, you’ll need to hose down and clean the outdoor unit. First make sure that the unit is turned off at the thermostat. If it has louvers, hose upward or in the best direction that the water stream can get inside the unit. Continue hosing down the unit and the side of the coils until the water turns from a murky brown color to clear. Be patient, as the process should take about half an hour.
  9. If you detect any sort of leak in or around the system, turn it off immediately and call a professional.
  10. Any noises or loud airflow from detected coming from the HVAC system within the home can usually be remedied with minor adjustments.

If these tips don’t solve your air conditioning issues, it may be time for AC repairs or a full system replacement. Call us at (215) 461-3635 or contact us online for all of your Philadelphia HVAC needs.

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