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If you have a clogged drain or toilet, don’t panic. There are some tried and true DIY methods you can try to fix the problem. They will save your plumber a trip to your house for a quick job, and they will save you money. Of course, if none of these work, you want to call in a professional like Stallion for the best plumbing services in Philadelphia.

Here are some of the best plumbing DIY tips for clearing stubborn and not-so-stubborn clogs:

  1. A plunger. This should be your first go-to tool for unclogging toilets or drains. There is a method to it, though. Make sure the sink you are trying to unclog is partially filled with water before plunging. If it’s a double kitchen sink, be sure to place a rag over the other drain. If plunging a bathtub, put a rag over the overflow drain. This helps direct pressure down the pipe to the clog. If you are plunging a toilet, get into a regular rhythm.
  2. Boiling water. Sink or bathtub clogged up? Poor boiling water down the drain. This often does the trick, but be careful.
  3. Bent hanger. This simple trick works for clogged toilets and drains. Straighten a wire coat hanger as well as you can, and bend the end to form a hook. Insert it down the offending drain or toilet, and use it to snag the materials and debris that may be causing the clog.
  4. A shop vacuum. It might seem like an odd idea, but sometimes a shop vac can clear a sink or basement clog. Seal the overflow drain with a rag. Change the setting to liquid. Make sure you apply as much pressure as you can to the drain to create a vacuum.

If none of these approaches work, now is the time to contact a professional to address your problem. Hey, at least you tried. Contact Stallion today for the best plumbing and drain-clearing services in the Philadelphia area.

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