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Winter is here in Philadelphia, and nobody wants their furnace to act up. There are some safe steps homeowners can take to keep the heating system running, but there are also some attempted fixes that can lead to disaster.

Here are some DIY projects you should (and shouldn’t) try.


  1. Check your filters.

For your furnace to heat your whole house, it has to have enough airflow. One of the easiest fixes to a restricted air intake is to replace a dust-clogged filter with a clean one. Simply swapping out your filter can allow more air to flow through the system, keeping you nice and warm.

  1. Seal the leaks.

If it’s colder near your windows or around your doors than it is in the middle of the room, you might have a leak. These are easy to fix for the average homeowner — a bead of caulk around the trim on the inside and outside of a window can seal most gaps, keeping the cold air out and the warm air where it belongs.


  1. Install a New Furnace.

This is a big job, and it’s one that can easily go wrong. Not only are furnace units large, heavy and complicated, but they can also be dangerous if installed incorrectly. Between the risks of improperly-sealed gas lines, electrocution from high-voltage current and the physical struggle of moving the new unit into place when surrounded by sharp duct metal, this is a task better left to the professionals.

  1. “Simple” Repairs.

Furnaces have a lot of moving parts, and repairs can be more complex than they seem at first. Even problems as simple as a bad blower motor can require expert knowledge and training to replace properly. An incorrect part or bad wiring job can actually make things worse, requiring more expensive fixes down the road.

Know When to Ask for Help.

If your furnace isn’t working right, the experts at Stallion Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning know what to look for, and can find the solution to your winter heating woes. Call us at (215) 461-3635 or contact Stallion online today.

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