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The holidays are right around the corner, so don’t let the winter cold cause plumbing trouble in your Philadelphia home.

Did you know that burst pipes are one of the most common causes of property damage during cold weather? Not only can this cause damage to your home and belongings, the repair bill can be even worse, especially if the burst pipe isn’t noticed until it’s too late.


Luckily, cold snaps don’t have to mean plumbing disasters. Here are a few ways you can prevent those pipes from bursting in the first place:

  1. Turn the faucets on: Ice clogs, the main cause of burst pipes, can’t form in moving water. Be sure to let your faucets run at a trickle when the temperature drops below freezing to avoid a soggy surprise.
  2. Avoid thermostat temptations: It can be tempting to turn down the thermostat at night or when you’re out to save a little money, but frozen pipes can cost you more in the long run. Keeping them warm, even if it costs a little extra, can save a lot of money in repair and cleanup costs.
  3. Check your insulation: If your home isn’t properly insulated, especially in the attic or crawlspace, your pipes are at risk of freezing. Make sure these spaces have enough insulation to stay warm, and be sure to seal any gaps around windows and doors. You can buy inexpensive pipe insulation at most hardware stores that can offer added protection. Don’t forget to winterize your outdoor faucets, too.

While these tips offer some of your best chances of preventing a burst pipe, accidents may still happen. If you encounter a burst pipe in your home, shut off the water and contact the Philadelphia plumbing experts at Stallion online or call us at (215) 461-3635 as soon as possible.

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