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When you go away to visit family for the holidays, you want to know that things will be fine when you return. But during the Philadelphia winter, worrying about your HVAC system or plumbing can definitely keep you up at night. Home automation is the solution.

With a home automation system installed by the experts at Stallion Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning, you can keep an eye on things and be alerted the second something goes wrong. Here are just a few ways home automation can help you relax during the holidays:


These devices replace your existing thermostat, but they connect to the internet, so you can control them from anywhere. Even better, they can learn your family’s habits and schedules, automatically changing the temperature to save money on heating and cooling. They can even let you know if the temperature dips below what it should, giving you time to contact your heating specialist and fix the problem while you’re away.


Forget to turn off the holiday lights before leaving? With connected outlets, you can see which devices are drawing power, turn them off from the road and get to Grandma’s house in time for dinner. You can also see how much power these devices use over time, and reduce your electricity costs.


Returning home from a holiday to a flooded basement, heating or HVAC failure or other disaster is a problem that’s all too real for some, but with an emergency detection system, the proper emergency response personnel can be alerted automatically if something goes wrong. You’ll even get a notification on your phone. Some devices, like leak detectors, can even shut off your pipes if they detect changes in pressure or moisture around a valve, avoiding the worst of a costly cleanup.

Stallion also offers the Sensi Predict, a connected, smart HVAC monitor that warns you of impending failures so you can get them fixed before they become emergencies.

If you’re thinking about giving yourself the gift of a smarter home this year, look no further than the experts at Stallion. Request a quote or schedule a service to learn more.

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